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massage & spa

Nanovi Hotel is one of the prestigious beauty sites trusted by many customers when they want to take care of their body, enjoy the relaxation, comfort. With standard beauty treatments: body massage, Thai massage, foot massage, sauna ... using natural ingredients combined with Oriental medicine, Sahul Massage & Sauna will bring to customers Relaxing moments, relieving stress.
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Chef Amari imaginatively crafts delicious dishes, from burgers and game to fine dining and traditional regional specialities. She sources fresh seasonal produce daily from local producers for our Hotel Restaurant and Wine Bar. Herbs from our gardens, Spier free-range eggs, SASSI green-listed seafood and organic, as far as is humanly possible.
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golf course

Golf or golf is a sport where players use a variety of clubs to hit the ball in a small hole on the golf course so that the number of hits is as short as possible. Unlike most other ball games, golf does not require a standardized play area. Are you looking to become a professional golfer, or have a need to learn about Golf? So what else do you hesitate, come Nanovi hotel.
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bar nanovi

Located in the heart of the upscale 8th District, the Nanovi Bar Hotel has a lounge bar with custom tailored cocktails, fitness and wellness center as well as 24-hour front desk. Nanovi Bar Hotel serves typical Parisian breakfasts daily. Guests can also enjoy international cuisine at VrayMonde Restaurant, which is decorated in Asian style and has views of the garden.


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